Gogglebox's Sandra Martin: 'I'm not penniless - I've been on benefits!'

Gogglebox's Sandra Martin: 'I'm not penniless - I've been on benefits!'

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Eamonn Holmes and Saira Khan were left slightly baffled by an interview with former Gogglebox star Sandra Martin, who rubbished headlines that she was penniless.

She also denied being sacked from a pantomime for drinking on the job.

“Sandra, the last time you and I were talking, you were talking about going into panto,” said Holmes.

“You’re always laughing, I thought that’s great, you were going to do lots of other things. Then I remember reading that the panto thing didn’t go well?”

Martin didn’t directly address the question, saying: “When I left Gogglebox, I was living in hotels and living a big life like I was on TV, but I wasn’t… I got offered a job in panto. I went in with no rehearsals.”


'I didn't want the limelight'

A report in the Sun said she fluffed her lines on stage during the opening night of Aladdin last December, where she appeared as Spirit of the Ring. She was reportedly asked to leave after the first half.

But she said that “everybody” had been to the pub.

“The reason why they mentioned the alcohol, is because everybody went to the pub, no big deal,” she told Holmes and Khan.

“I left the pantomime, then from January-February I did Loose Women. I don’t want to be a celebrity, I don’t want the limelight,” Martin added.

“So things went bad?” asked Holmes.

“I’m living a happy life,” Martin replied, and said that after leaving the pantomime, she claimed benefits.


'I'm not penniless, I'm on social!'

“I was on benefits for 30 years before Gogglebox came and turned my life around,” she said. “When I went back on benefits, I still do charity work, I’ve been approached by Celebrity First Dates, I’m still a celebrity, I just don’t get paid for it!”

“So the headline of penniless Gogglebox star moving into retirement home, it’s not true?” asked Khan.

“It is true, but I’m not penniless, I’m on social!” Martin replied, and said that she gave her reported £1,500-per-month earnings from Gogglebox to her friends and family.

Her experience in panto hasn’t put her off doing it again, either.

“I’m doing panto in Bolton, the Snow Queen,” she said, telling Holmes and Khan that she’d moved to Bolton - but not specifying whether she was living in an old people’s home.

“I’m Enchantress of the Ice. I live in Bolton now, [since] the first of October.”

“So you’re not on the social now because you’re getting paid?” asked Khan, to which Martin replied: “No, I left the social”.