Google engineer fired for sexism launches lawsuit against company 'for discriminating against white male conservatives'

James Damore was fired by Google over a message on the company's internal message board

James Damore was fired by Google over a message on the company's internal message board

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A former Google engineer who was fired for sexist messages has launched a class action lawsuit against the tech giant, saying it discriminates against white male conservatives.

James Damore was fired in August after writing on an internal message board that women are biologically less capable of engineering than men.

He has now filed a 161-page suit, claiming that Google discriminates against men whose views don't tally with those of its executives.

The lawsuit purports to represent all Google employees who've faced discrimination due to "their perceived conservative political views," "their male gender" or "their Caucasion race.

Google is also accused of mistreating employees who have “expressed views deviating from the majority view at Google on political subjects raised in the workplace and relevant to Google’s employment policies and its business, such as ‘diversity’ hiring policies, ‘bias sensitivity’ or ‘social justice’…”

It is even claims that Google employs "illegal hiring quotas" to enforce positive discrimination, and managers who deviate from the policy are booed.

The “numerical presence of women celebrated at Google”, the suit claims, “solely due to their gender". Furthermore, the “presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with ‘boos’ during companywide weekly meetings.”

Another former Google engineer, David Gudeman, has joined the suit, according to TechCrunch. Gudeman left the company in December 2016.

Google maintains that Damore was dismissed for promoting what it described as “harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”