Gordon Brown becomes member of Jewish Labour Movement

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown at a 2018 meeting of the Jewish Labour Movement

Monday, April 1, 2019

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced his membership of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).

The ex-Labour leader announced his status as an affiliated member in a video published to the Hope Not Hate Twitter page, in which he revisits the story of Labour Party member Sir Nicholas Winton, who organised the rescue of 669 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Turning his attention to the Labour Party, Mr Brown said it had "let the Jewish community down" over its handling of antisemitism complaints.

"The Labour Party has always had a long, proud and noble tradition of standing up against all forms of prejudice and racism," he said.

"But in the last few years it has let the Jewish community down."

He continued: "They should never have allowed legitimate criticism of the current Israeli government to act as a cover for the demonisation of the entire Jewish people."

Mr Brown said he urged "all" of his colleagues to join the JLM, which will meet next Sunday to vote on its membership of the party.


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