Government has no plan for Brexit, leaked memo reveals

Leaked memo reveals the government has no plan for Brexit

Theresa May has been revealed to have no plan for Brexit

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A leaked UK Government memo has revealed that Theresa May has not yet got a plan for Brexit. 

The memo, obtained by The Times, shows that the Government is working on an estimated 500 projects related to the departure from the European Union, which could require up to 30,000 extra staff.

Crucially, it shows "divisions within the cabinet" have prevented the government from coming up with a concise exit strategy. The Times claim that the government could need up to six months to decide its priorities.

According to The Times, the document says: "Every department has developed a 'bottom-up' plan of what the impact of Brexit could be - and its plan to cope with the 'worst case'.

"Although necessary, this falls considerably short of having a 'Government plan for Brexit' because it has no prioritisation and no link to the overall negotiation strategy.

"It is likely that the senior ranks in the civil service will feel compelled to present potential high level plan(s) to avoid further drift."

The government has already issued a statement in response to the leak, claiming not to recognise the claims the document makes.

A spokesman said: "This is not a Government report and we don't recognise the claims made in it.

"We are focused on getting on with the job of delivering Brexit and making a success of it."