Government is 'paralysed' without support of the DUP, says Andrew Bridgen MP


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has said the government is "paralysed" without the support of the DUP.

His comments follow the DUP failing to back the government on a number of amendments to its finance bill yesterday.

Mr Bridgen, who is one of the MPs who filed a letter of no-confidence in the Prime Minister, said his "great fear" was Theresa May doing a deal with the Labour party in order to pass the draft Brexit deal through Parliament if the DUP fails to support it.

"I think, cynically, there'll be a deal done with the Labour party to get this appalling betrayal of brexit, the withdrawal agreement, through," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"Without their [DUP] vote we can get no legislation through. That means that we are heading for a general election which is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn wants, and perhaps in return for Labour support for voting through the withdrawal bill, perhaps Theresa May's going to deliver.

The politician also raised concerns that public confidence in the Conservative party may dwindle if it "can't get it's own legislation through".

"Without the DUP's support we have no majority in the House of Commons. That means no legislation can get through," he said.

"That's not going to go down well, and I can't see Conservative support rising on the back of a lamed up government like that, that can't get it's own legislation through."