Government should punish firms which maintain gender pay gap, says leader of Women's Equality Party

A report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has revealed women’s pay falls 33% behind men’s after having a baby

The gender pay gap widens after women have a baby

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The leader of the Women's Equality Party, Sophie Walker, has called on the government to take action to ensure UK firms provide equal pay to both genders.

Walker was speaking to talkRADIO after a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which revealed women who go back to work after having a baby are falling further behind men in terms of earnings.

According to the report women’s pay falls 33% behind men’s post-childbirth. They say this is due to women working part-time, missing out on promotions and losing out on subsequent wage progression.

Walker suggested the government should "take contracts away from companies which have a gender pay gap" and called for government-funded childcare to be made available for all children from the end of paid parental leave.

Speaking to Paul Ross, Walker said "there seems to be some very weird old fashioned-idea that this [going back to work] is women's choice. Men are pushed out of family life in the way the women are pushed out of working life."

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