Government shouldn't be using advertising agencies to challenge racist myths, says creative director

'The Government should not be using an adversiting agency to challenge racist myths', says creative director

Theresa May will use an ad agency to challenge the far right

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Government should not be using an advertising agency to challenge racism, says an industry veteran.

Racist myths perpetrated by the far-right are to be challenged by the Government online as part of its £60 million battle against extremism, which will be launched by adversiting company M&C Saatchi.

Dave Trott, a long-time creative director who was written books on advertising, told Sam Delaney: “I wouldn’t get an ad agency involved. It’s like putting a band aid on so some of your MPs think you’re doing something about it.

“Why don’t you take a look at how to stop feeding the far right...just let the normal centre ground see how stupid [the far right] is rather than pick on it and turn it into a martyr.

“What you do is you make sure you centralise everything," he added. “Get the centre vote to just stay clam and make up their own minds."

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