Government 'worried they might lose Brexit vote', says leading solicitor

Article 50: 'The only process other than Parliamentary process is to go to the Sovereign', says leading solicitor

Lawyer Mark Stephens claims the Queen could be brought into the Brexit debate (Getty)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A leading lawyer has suggested the government is worried it will lose a vote on Brexit in parliament, and suggests the Queen could be called in to break the deadlock.

Mark Stephens says the royal prerogative could provide an alternative if MPs decide to ignore the result of the referendum on June 23.

A case will be heard on 13th October about whether Parliament needs to be consulted before triggering Article 50 and repealing the European Communities Act 1972. The government has been forced to put forward legal arguments about why Article 50 can be triggered without Parliamentary consent ahead of he case.

Stephens, a partner at law firm Howard Kennedy, told Julia Hartley-Brewer the court will consider "the proper constitutional process" for Brexit, adding: "The government are worried they won´t get the number of votes they need. 

"Clearly some people will say 'I'm morally bound by the wishes of the people,' but people in Scotland clearly voted against Brexit, and so what you've got is there is a much closer call on Parliamentary representatives on whether there should be a Brexit or not.

"The only process other than Parliamentary process is to go to the Sovereign and say please exercise the royal prerogative, and that puts the Queen in the invidious position of being in the middle of a political turmoil."

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