Graham Taylor was a brilliant man-manager and a great man, says former goalkeeper Alec Chamberlain

'Watford was a very big part of Graham Taylor's life and he believed in honest, good hard work', says former goalkeeper

Graham Taylor has died at the age of 72

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Former Watford goalkeeper Alec Chamberlain says Graham Taylor was a great man-manager and his attention to detail was the secret of his success.

Taylor, who also managed Aston Villa, Wolves and the England national team, has died at the age of 72. His time with England was marked by poor results but he enjoyed huge success at club level, leaving both Watford and Aston Villa to second place in the top division and taking Watford to the 1984 FA Cup final.

Chamberlain, who is know goalkeeping coach at Watford, said Taylor shouldn't be remembered for his England tenure, which was the subject of an infamous TV documentary. Instead we should focus on his brilliant achievements as a club manager.

He told Sam Delaney: "Watford was always a very big, special part of his life.

"He was very family orientated and he really liked to know about your background. He took pride in knowing your children’s names.

"I think he always believed in honest, good hard work, he had his teams very well-drilled. We were always very fit we were always very organised."

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