Grant Shapps: Government doing 'shed loads' on climate change

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Grant Shapps has dismissed climate change protests taking place across London, insisting the government is already doing "shed loads" to tackle the issue.

The Transport Secretary said protests calling on the government to "act now" were unwarranted.

"No one is in any doubt about needing to tackle climate change, but they are protesting in the leading economy in the world who are doing the most on this subject," he said.

"We have already legislated to get to NET zero [carbon emissions] by 2050, and in my department for example, we're going to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2040, and I was talking about bringing that forward to 2035."

He continued: "We are doing absolutely shed loads on this issue."

His comments come as a two-week Extinction Rebellion protest continues for a second day in the capital.

At least 280 arrests have been made since the protests began.

And around 30,000 protesters are expected to take to London's streets today, as part of a global protest dubbed the 'International Rebellion'.

"Go and protest in a country who are not doing what is required," Mr Shapps added.

"I can't see how it is right - right outside of the building that I am currently in - for people to simply set up tents, leave them there and for the police to be standing around the outside.

"It is not a good look and I know that the Metropolitan Police have been planning for these two-week protests, and I think they need to put those plans into action."

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