Grant Shapps MP addresses his viral 'mug collection' tweet

Grant Shapps mugs

Monday, November 19, 2018

Grant Shapps told Julia Hartley-Brewer his mug collection "brightened" his experience of reading the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement, after a posed photo of the MP surrounded by the colourful drinking vessels went viral.

Mr Shapps posted a photo of himself reading the 585 page document on Twitter, with fellow social media users quick to critique the 10 mugs that featured in the picture.

One Twitter user replied: "Can you not use the same mug?".

Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, also responded to the post, writing: "Given your concerns about UK trade deals maybe you could buy British mugs...".



Appearing on the breakfast show to discuss the draft withdrawal agreement, Mr Shapps addressed his viral tweet.

"I've read the whole thing, brightened up with some colourful coffee mugs," he said.

"It boils down to this. What this agreement gives us is control back over our borders. What we have to give in return is a de facto permanent customs union both over the next 20 months and for the forseeable future, and you can't get out of that arrangement without agreement from all sides.

"That is why I think in the end this may just struggle to pass Parliament."


'I certainly haven't put my letter in'

Grant Shapps. Image: Getty

The Conservative MP also gave his thoughts on letters of no-confidence, claiming politicians that were submitting them now were "destabilising the government".

"I certainly haven't put my letter in, and I never did," he said. "If the Prime Minister was going to be changed, doing that a year ago when it could have made a difference to the negotiations was the time to do it.



"This shouldn't be about the individual, it should be about te deal which is now on the table. People don't like the deal, they should vote against the deal.

"I don't think putting in a letter and destabilising the government at the moment with these crucial last minute negotiations going on into the very flimsy, only seven-page future relationship, I don't think this is the right time to do it at all."