'The Great Wall of Calais is pointless - only troops can solve migrant problem' says truckers' body

The Great Wall of Calais: 'Building a wall is just effectively a waste of money', says Road Haulage Association

The wall is meant to protect vehicles from illegal migrants

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The so-called Great Wall of Calais won't work, according to one of the key trade bodies for Britain's lorry drivers.

The wall is planned to be built along both sides of the motorway on the approach to the Calais port, near the migrant camp named the Jungle. Its aim is to stop migrants from throwing items at traffic to slow them down and climb on to lorries. The wall will cost taxpayers £2 million.

Rod McKenzie, a director at the Road Haulage Association, told talkRADIO's Sam Delaney the wall will be a waste of money. 

"The problem is when the wall is only a kilometre long and four metres high, it's only going to keep migrants from getting on board lorries at that particular point," he explained. "The trouble will just move a few miles further back.

"What we're seeing is these highly organised gangs of migrants causing blockages on roads, in the approach roads to Calais, which causes a traffic jam and then they use the resulting traffic jam to gets migrant on trucks."

Speaking to possible alternatives, McKenzie said: "The answer, short-term, is to bring in the French army, because only they have the capacity and manpower.

"Building a wall is just effectively a waste of money, that money could be better spent by helping the French to subsidise their military or reinforcement police operation."


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