Greater Manchester sets out plans to ban fracking

Andy Burnham

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham. Image: Getty

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has revealed plans to ban fracking in the area.

The combined authority does not have the power to implement an outright ban on fracking, so will instead put a "presumption" in planning laws against allowing the technique to be used to extract shale gas.

The move to ban the controversial method comes after fracking near Blackpool was halted on several occasions throughout 2018 due to underground tremors.



Mayor Andy Burnham said the incidents at the Preston New Road site were "a worry".

"It's hard to know what damage is being done and the effect that is having on groundwater and all of those other issues that emerge," he said.

"It's even more worrying in Greater Manchester, which is a much more urban place, where there is more contaminated land, more mine shafts. This is an industry which hasn't proven its case. In fact, the opposite."


'Well done Andy Burnham'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has publicly supported the move, tweeting: "Greater Manchester has just announced a ban on fracking as part of its plans to become carbon neutral.

"Well done Andy Burnham and all those who have campaigned for this."

Elsewhere in England, Sadiq Khan's draft New London Plan states that the mayor "does not support fracking in London".

"Development proposals for exploration, appraisal or production of shale gas via hydraulic fracturing should be refused," the document says.