Greece floods: Death toll up to 19 after bodies are found in Athens, Mandra and Gulf of Eleusis

Monday, November 20, 2017

The death toll from the floods which have battered Greece has risen to 19, as rescue workers in and around Athens continue to deal with the aftermath.

The death toll was at 16 before three men were found on Saturday morning. The latest victims are aged 28, 35 and 58.

Two of the men were found in the Gulf of Eleusis, a town about 11 miles from Athens. The third body was found buried in the mud in Mandra, a town 19 miles north-west of the capital.

The head of the National Health Operations Center, Nikos Papaefstathiou said the bodies have already been identified by their families, adding that rescue workers are still searching for at least three people reported missing.

Many of the deceased drowned after being caught in the flash floods which broke last week, carried away by mudslides or trapped in cars and basements. 

Government officals and aid workers have been distributing food, water and blankets to local residents since then.

A shop owner in Mandra, Evangelos Peppas, said on Friday "For the third day, there isn't a single open shop in Mandra, we don't have water [and] we haven't washed since Wednesday."

Alongside the search for the missing, recovery efforts in Mandra have focused on clearing the roads. It is unknown what the cost of the damage is, though the damage is extensive. 

The mayor of Mandra estimates that around 2000 homes and businesses have been destroyed, while in nearby Magara a further 500 homes have been destroyed.  

The Athens governor's office said that the worst-affected areas are expected to request EU solidarity funds.