Green entrepreneur launches legal action against Boris Johnson

Thursday, September 12, 2019

A green energy entrepreneur has threatened to take Boris Johnson to court to force him to confirm he will not allow a no-deal Brexit.

Dale Vince, the founder of energy company Ecotricity, said he wrote to the Prime Minister and gave him until 4pm on Thursday to confirm in writing he would stand by a recent Bill that demanded he ask the European Union for an extension to Article 50.

The Bill forces Mr Johnson to ask for a Brexit delay beyond October 31 unless a deal with Brussels is secured and approved in Parliament.

But Mr Vince told talkRADIO’s Ian Collins he was yet to hear from Downing Street.

“In the absence of that we’ll be applying to the court for an injunction that makes plain that he must abide by this law,” he explained.

“He’s made plain that he’s got no intention of asking for the extension and just the very suggestion that our Prime Minister is willing to flout the law is terribly corrosive and dangerous for our country.”

Mr Johnson has said he would refuse to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline, despite Parliament passing a law on Monday that would force him to do so if no deal was secured with Brussels.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The government will obey the law but the Prime Minister will not be asking for an extension.”

Mr Vince said he believed the Prime Minister would prefer to be compelled by the courts to seek an extension so it would appear he had not broken his promise.

He said unless he heard from the Mr Johnson soon he would begin the legal process.

“I hope that it will just take a couple of days to sit and hear this and make a ruling but I don’t actually know for sure what the timetable will be,” he said.

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