Green Party claims BBC breached impartiality guidelines in local elections

Green Party claims BBC breached impartiality guidelines in local elections

The Green Party has criticised the BBC

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Green Party has accused the BBC of breaching impartiality guidelines with its coverage of UKIP.

The Greens claim that the BBC placed excessive focus on UKIP in the local elections, where it lost 145 of 146 seats, and gave insufficient coverage to the Greens, who won 40 seats.

But Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said that the BBC "failed to report the Green Party's results, while giving disproportionate coverage to UKIP," although there were some exceptions.

He added: "While UKIP makes cheap attempts to win headlines with blatantly Islamophobic policies, Greens are out making a difference to their local communities and this contrast was made clear in Friday's election results."

The Greens also believe it is unfair that Paul Nuttall, the leader of UKIP, will be featured in two prime-time shows before the general election, but the leaders of their own party will not. 

Bartley claimed that this decision is "beyond a joke" and he thinks "the BBC's love affair with UKIP is getting embarrassing."

The BBC has an obligation to provide fair coverage to all parties, proportionate to their size and success.

However the Corporation has claimed it is not aware of any formal complaints over the matter.

A spokesman for the BBC added that "UKIP's losses were a significant story to the public and it was right for us to cover this."

The BBC added that the Green Party in England and Wales "have less evidence of electoral support over different sorts of elections, across two electoral cycles, than Labour, Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP."