Green Party co-leader claims it wouldn't be undemocratic to give public a vote on Brexit deal

Green Party co-leader claims it wouldn't be undemocratic to allow public vote on Brexit deal

Caroline Lucas says the current voting system is undemocratic

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The public should be able to vote on the Brexit deal, according to the co-leader of Green Party.

Caroline Lucas made the comments to Julia Hartley-Brewer after it emerged that the Lib Dems will not contest her seat in Brighton at the election, in an effort to fight against Brexit and the Conservatives.

Lucas told Julia Hartley-Brewer that she believes this deal will apply to only a handful of seats and won't be a nationwide pact, but it will make a difference if a majority of MPs elected want to change the electoral system.

Turning to Brexit, she said "I don't think it's undemocratic to say to people 'this is what the deal now looks like, this is the destination. Do you want that?"

"On that ballot paper no-one had the opportunity to say whether they wanted to stay oin the single currency, stay in the customs union."

The interview then got rather heated, with Julia suggesting Lucas was lying to her over his understanding of what Brexit means.

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