Green Party's deputy leader: ‘Two-party politics is dying’

Green Party's deputy leader: ‘Two-party politics is dying’

Friday, May 3, 2019

Amelia Womack, the deputy leader of the Green Party, has said “two-party politics is dying” as the party has gained over 40 seats in the local elections results so far.

The Conservatives have already lost over 400 seats in the elections, with 133 councils yet to reveal their results.

Labour have also suffered a defeat losing over 70 seats. 

Ms Womack told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “Two-party politics is dying. We need a proportional system to make sure people’s votes are truly represented.”

The deputy leader denied that the Green Party was “a protest vote” against the Conservative Party or Labour.

“I have been travelling the whole country talking to people on doorsteps and it had not been about the other parties,” she said.

“It has been about the strength of our party.”

She added that voters know they get “key green values” when they vote for the party.

“There is no shadow of a doubt that climate change is rising on the agenda,” she said.

“Our volunteers have been in communities listening to make sure that they feel they are being represented in their councils.”

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