Greenpeace activists break into nuclear plant and set off fireworks

Greenpeace activists break into nuclear plant and set off fireworks

Fireworks were set off at the Cattenom nuclear power plant

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Greenpeace activists have set off fireworks at a nuclear power plant in France in an attempt to prove how easily it can come under attack.

On Twitter the group posted a video and said: "Our activists launched a firework in the perimeter of a French nuclear plant. These installations are vulnerable," according to The Local.

Greenpeace official Roger Spautz claims the 15 campaigners got into the nuclear plant at around 5:30am local time and were able to make their way through two lots of security barriers.

EDF, the company that runs the plant in Cattenom, has announced that activists were detained before they were able to get to nuclear areas. It also added that safety at the plant had not been compromised.

But Greenpeace has claimed its fireworks were unleashed next to a spent fuel pool, which is where fuel rods with high radioactivity are kept after being used.

Earlier this week the campaign group had put out warnings about problems with security at plants in both France and Belgium, following a report it released on the matter.

The report claimed that there is "even more pronounced [danger] in the case of spent fuel pools" which are not confined, despite being radioactive.

However, EDF hit back at the report and claims it consistently reviews measures in place to protect the area from criminals and terrorists and its plants are "safe, properly monitored and very well protected."