Greg Jamieson: Former police officer sacked from Tory staff job after being found guilty of sexual assault

Tories are furious Greg Jamieson hid his previous record

Greg Jamieson previously worked as a police officer

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A case worker for the Conservative justice spokesman in Scotland has been sacked after being found guilty of sexual assault.

Greg Jamieson was working as a police officer when he groped a collegue's breast during a night out last year.

This was reported to the management of Police Scotland and the 33-year-old left his position, according to The Courier.

He then went to work for Liam Kerr, however he did not explain what had happened in the lead-up to his resignation.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives said as soon as party officials discovered the charges he was "suspended immediately."

On Friday (January 26) he was found guilty. A Scottish Conservative spokesperson said a disciplinary meeting was arranged "as soon as possible" and he was promptly fired.

Kerr is said to be "furious" that the man was not open about his charges throughout the application or when offered the job.