Grenfell Tower to be coated in protective wrap to assist forensic investigation

Grenfell Tower to be coated by wrap in August to assist forensic investigation

At least 80 people are thought to have died in the tower fire

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The site manager heading up the Grenfell Tower recovery efforts has announced that work to cover the remains will begin in August.

A fire engulfed the 24-storey west London building last month, and at least 80 people are believed to have died.

The charred leftovers of the tower will be covered in protective wrapping in the middle of August, which will assist forensic investigations and help to ease the process of deconstruction.

On Wednesday evening, Michael Lockwood told a public meeting the recovery effort will last until mid-November, and the concurrent criminal investigation could be gathering materials until January.

Once this was completed, Lockwood said he expected deconstruction work to begin towards the end of 2018, with the local community having input on the site after it was complete.