Grenfell Tower: 'The community must not resort to aggression', says local resident

Grenfell Tower: 'The community must stick together and stay away from aggression', says local resident

Many have left tributes to the victims of the fire

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The community around Grenfell Tower needs to stick together and stay away from aggression, a local resident has said.

The Grenfell Tower fire took place three weeks ago and local residents have been volunteering in the area to help others. Tdjan, who lives on the same road as the tower block, is using donations to create a garden with other residents and volunteers.

Tdjan told Sam Delaney: "I’m trying to lead a garden therapy, I guess to try and rejuvenate and make this area a bit nicer, a bit cleaner, a bit tidier, and give it some love and care that it needs.

"We want it to be productive and useful to everyone in this community and help with any trauma they might have from the tower.

"There’s only good vibes around here and that’s what we want."

He believes that the community needs "to be together and channel our energies with peace and love rather than just aggression.

"The youth of London have shown we have the ability to cause havoc, I'm relating to the Tottenham riots, and I'm proud my generation has made a conscious choice not to do that. As people of London and the world, we've decided not to be violent."

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