Grenfell Tower: The council acts like a property company, says Labour member

Grenfell Tower: 'Elizabeth Campbell and Conservatives don't understand what victims have gone through'

Many are angry at the way residents have been treated

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kensington and Chelsea council acts more like a property company than a public body, according to a Labour member.

Pat Mason spoke to George Galloway after Elizabeth Campbell was named the council's new leader - and was immediately heckled as she talked about the Grenfell Tower tragedy at a meeting last night.

Mason said "we, the Labour group on the council, have been saying for 10 years that 'this is the Royal Bank of Kensington and Chelsea.' You are more like a property company than anything else."

Mason also said that Grenfell was caused by a "perfect storm" of negligence, and had some harsh words for Campbell.

He told George it's clear that Campbell and the Conservatives didn't understand the lack of services available to victims.

He added: "One of the most telling things that was said was that councillor Campbell and the ruling Conservative group did not seem to understand... residents had to search for services and had to find where meetings were" after the fire.

He explained residents "were either angry or distressed and traumatised. They shouldn’t have had to do that. The services should have been available to them, the services should have come to us."

Mason thinks some councillors "believe, once they are elected, they have the right to impose any and every policy no matter if it’s good or bad.

The council "took the view that those people [who complained about fire safety] were oppositionists, that they needed to be managed. They were almost criminalised and [the council] simply failed to listen."

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