Grenfell Tower: Displaced resident Joe Delaney says he's 'not been offered a thing' and reports that people are turning down luxury housing are nonsense

Joe Delaney gave a passionate interview to talkRADIO today

Joe Delaney gave a passionate interview to talkRADIO today

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A neighbour of Grenfell Tower says he remains in a hotel six months on from the fire and has "not been offered a thing" by way of accommodation.

Joe Delaney, who was evacuated after the fire in June, told talkRADIO the council must come out and contest claims that survivors and neighbours are turning down properties.

Delaney is part of the Grenfell Action Group, a local campaign group which pre-dates the Grenfell Tower fire, and was also asked to scrutinise the work of the Grenfell Recovery Taskforce, which submitted a report on the disaster to communities secretary Sajid Javid in October.

Speaking to Sam Delaney (no relation) this afternoon, he said he is "sick of acting as a case worker" due to lack of resources, and suggested Kensington and Chelsea council should be placed in special measures.

Joe said housing is "the biggest problem" facing displaced residents, adding that "the council could do a lot more to correct this narrative that people are turning down houses."

Although the Government has reportedly made a series of houses on the luxury Kensington Row development available, Joe said "most of the properties there aren't ready to be accommodated yet, and the ones that are there aren't the proper size."

He added: "I really am disappointed that, in a country that's one of the G8, one of the greatest economies in the world, one of the oldest democracies in the world, we still can't manage to get basic things right for people."

In August Kensington and Chelsea council committed £76.5 million to rehousing Grenfell Tower survivors, and a statement from leader Elizabeth Campbell said they "will continue to work hard and ensure we do everything we can to help the families and individuals affected by the fire."

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