Grenfell Tower evacuee: 'People will withhold evidence if they don't trust Sir Martin Moore-Bick'

Grenfell Tower: 'Sir Martin Moore-Bick has tarred us all with the same brush', says local resident

Sir Martin Moore-Bick met with residents

Friday, July 7, 2017

A man who was evacuated during the Grenfell Tower tragedy has told Paul Ross that his neighbours will withhold evidence if they feel the chair Sir Martin Moore-Bick is biased.

Joe Delaney appeared on talkRADIO after a tetchy meeting between Moore-Bick and residents last night.

Delaney, who was evacuated from a building next door to Grenfell, recorded a video of last night's event - which can be seen here - in which a fellow resident told Moore-Bick he is on course to repeat the mistakes of Hillsborough.

This morning, he told Paul the retired judge "couldn't talk himself out of a pair on underpants at a sex party," adding that "without the say from the people in the community, his inquiry is dead before it starts. 

"People won't give evidence because they’ll feel it’ll be a whitewash or because they don’t trust him personally."

He claims Moore-Bick "was in meetings with us last week and then he came out and said he didn’t feel he’d be able to satisfy residents' concerns.

"He tarred us all with the same brush, it would have been better if he said he doesn’t feel he could ever satisfy all residents' concerns, which is a reasonable and logical position."

Paul suggested that this view seemed like Delaney was nit picking, but he argued: "I’ve worked with legal people in the past, usually their choice of language and phrasing is razor sharp.This man’s hasn’t been."

Listen to the full interview above