Grenfell Tower eyewitness: 'I saw someone hang their kid out of the window as others jumped out'

Grenfell Tower eyewitness says people were screaming from the building for hours, whilst others jumped out

An eyewitness said fire engines struggled to get to the scene

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

An eyewitness at the Grenfell Tower fire has said that people were still screaming from the building hours after the fire began and fire engines had trouble getting to the scene.

Eyewitness Joe Walsh lives opposite Grenfell Tower in another tower block and was informed by a neighbour about the fire when it started. He is still trying to find a number of friends who lived in the building.

Walsh is currently working at his social club providing breakfast, drinks and clothes for those affected by the fire, as most are in pyjamas, even with no shoes.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the fire was most likely caused by a fridge explosion, echoing other witnesses who have made the same suggestion. This has yetr to be confirmed.

Walsh added: "The upsetting point was watching it spread like that and people screaming out the window for help...I could hear them, I could see them, but you can’t do nothing for them. They were still screaming at quarter to four this morning."

Walsh also said a woman told him "her neighbour came knocking on her door - she said her flat was on fire because her fridge exploded, the flames must have come out of the window" and set the whole building on fire.

He told Julia that it was hard for fire engines to get to the scene due to the road and other parked vehicles. "Some of [the fire engines] were parked round the corner and had to come round on foot."

Describing the scene of chaos, he said: "There was people jumping out of windows so there’s people more seriously hurt than smoke inhalation.

"You just feel helpless, I saw a woman hanging her kid out the window and asking for the kid to be bought down, I didn’t see the kid land because I was a bit further away, hopefully someone caught that kid."

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