Grenfell Tower: Firefighters' union boss says 'this could take a week for us to sort out'

'Firefighters were just as amazed as the public at the speed Grenfell Tower fire spread' says Fire Brigades Union

A fire broke out at Grenfell Tower

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A senior member of the Fire Brigades Union has said the inferno in Ladbroke Grove could take a week to get under control.

A huge fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in the early hours of this morning (June 14). So far 12 people have been confirmed dead, but the number is expected to rise.

Ian Leahair, a member of the union's executive council, told Sam Delaney: "Judging by what I’ve seen out there today, I would imagine crews would be there for a considered amount of time, possibly about a week, damping down and going through the wreckage."

The fire, he said, was "absolutely devastating. I can’t believe the amount of heroism that’s going through the firefighters running into this building.

"When you look at the footage, I don’t think any firefighter expected it to develop in the rate it did...they would have been standing there in as much amazement as most members of the public have been doing.

"These buildings are designed and built in a way that they should be able to protect the residents. Something’s obviously gone wrong."

He believes that, when an inquiry takes place into the incident, the fire service need to find out whether people were told to stay inside and "if it was the right decision. The results of the inquiry should be able to tell us whether [the guidelines] should be changed."

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