Grenfell Tower: 'I saw 25 people die in front of my eyes', says witness

Grenfell Tower: 'The building melted in front of my eyes', says witness

12 have been confirmed dead in the blaze which engulf the block of apartments

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A witness to the Grenfell Tower fire told her harrowing account live on the Full Set Breakfast this morning - and claimed she had witnessed 25 fatalities.

Anne Johnson had only moved to the area around the tower a month ago, and was woken up to the sounds of screaming on Wednesday morning. 

She told Paul Ross how she watched the fire engulf the building in Kensington. 

She said: “Within two and a half hours, the fire worked its way down to the ground.

"It was breaking and shattering windows, I saw women and men flashing phones, t-shirts, anything to draw attention to themselves.

"The building melted in front of my eyes. I must have seen around 25 people dying in front of my eyes.”

At this point, 17 people have been confirmed dead, but Metropolitan Police have said this number is likely to increase.

Listen to Anne Johnson's account above.