Grenfell Tower: If Theresa May can find £1bn for the DUP why can't she sort the Grenfell Tower mess, asks local councillor

'Grenfell Tower victims don't trust authorities and won't listen to them no matter what they say', says councillor

Tributes have been paid to the victims of the fire

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Labour councillor for Kensington and Chelsea has blasted the authorities for their handling of the Grenfell Tower disaster, and asked why the Government hasn't done more to solve the country's housing crisis.

Pat Mason spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after last night's meeting between Grenfell Tower residents with coroner Fiona Wilcox and the Met Police Commander Stuart Cundy. Several of those who attended were reportedly angry and upset.

Cllr Mason said that, no matter what Grenfell Tower residents are told by authorities, they won't listen as they believe they're being lied to.

"Whichever meeting you go to there is distrust," Mason said. "[Victims] don’t trust the Grenfell Tower Response Team, they don’t trust the council.

"[Victims] don’t trust anyone and they don’t listen to anyone because they say they are all lying. You can’t imagine how angry the bereaved people are."

He believes authorities were not listening to people's concerns about the tower, and instead "they were listening to the corporations and the building industry to reduce their costs."

Theresa May had promised that all those displaced by the disaster would be rehoused by today (Wednesday) but the deadline has been missed, placing the embattled Prime Minister under fresh scrutiny.

Mason was extremely critical of May and suggested there is a wider issue here - which the Government aren't doing enough to help.

"We have a housing crisis... for 30 years the Government hasn't built any social housing," he said.

"The Government can find £1.2bn to prop themselves up with the DUP... they're saying there's no money to build housing [but] there's lots, and lots, of money.

"If the Government cared about the survivors...they would not have allowed a situation which culminated in all these people burning to death.

"My residents burned to death because [the authorities] didn't care."

Mason also claimed Theresa May was "politicising pain" the issue by pledging to rehouse those displaced by the fire - but this claim drew incredulity from Julia.

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