Grenfell Tower: Labour MP and former firefighter Jim Fitzpatrick backs Jeremy Corbyn's demand for home seizures

'Empty homes of the rich should be temporarily requisitioned for Grenfell Tower victims', says Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick

A full death toll has not yet been counted

Friday, June 16, 2017

Labour MP and former firefighter Jim Fitzpatrick has backed Jeremy Corbyn's call for rich people's homes to be seized, after a tough grilling by Julia Hartley-Brewer over Grenfell Tower.

Fitzpatrick, who chairs the all-party group on fire safety and rescue, struggled to get his point across to our presenter, before eventually saying he would back the requisitioning of property to house those who previously lived in the tower - but only on a temporary basis. 

The Poplar MP made the comments after Corbyn called for houses owned by the rich which are not being used to be requisitioned for those left homeless after Wednesday's tragedy.

When Julia asked Fitzpatrick for his response, he said: "I think Jeremy is absolutely right to call for people who’ve been made homeless to be housed locally.

"If there’s homes standing empty which aren’t being used I think it’s a whole different question. Temporary requisitioning for people who are homeless yes, permanent relocation in the area where they were housed previously, yes."

He also said that "the terms of reference for the inquiry will obviously be absolutely fundamentally important," including the starting point, sprinklers, the advice to stay put and materials used in buildings.

Fitzpatrick added: "There’s so much which needs reviewing my worry is obviously that the inquiry could last a long time."

The former firefighter also believes that "everybody [involved with the Grenfell Tower fire] will have to account for what they did, when they did it, why they did it. If mistakes were made by anybody fingers will be pointed."

Listen to the full interview above