Grenfell Tower: Lily Allen dropped from BBC after claiming death toll was being deliberately under-reported

Lily Allen dropped from BBC appearance after Grenfell Tower comments

The singer made some controversial comments in an interview with Channel 4 News

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lily Allen's appearance on BBC Newsnight was cancelled yesterday after she accused the government of trying to 'micro-manage' the Grenfell Tower tragedy. 

The confirmed death toll of Wednesday morning's fire is currently 30 people, with the number expected to rise as more bodies are removed from the building. 

However, in an interview with Channel 4 News, Allen claimed the number was "much closer to 150" from what she'd been told by policemen and firemen in off-the-record comments. 

The singer accused the Government of trying to "micro-manage" the tragedy and individual grief, and also said the mainstream media had been trying to "downplay" the incident.

Following these comments, she confirmed on Twitter Newsnight had cancelled her appearance, opting to go with a council member instead. 

However, the singer defiantly made it clear people still waiting for news of loved ones can't be left in the dark, and need to be able to start grieving.

Work on the site at Grenfell Tower continues apace, with volunteers seeking to house residents displaced by the fire.