Grenfell Tower: New council chief Elizabeth Campbell criticised for admitting she hasn't visited tower block

New Kensington and Chelsea council chief admits she hasn't visited council tower blocks before -  done but needs storify

Elizabeth Campbell says she will visit Grenfell Tower

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The new chief of Kensington and Chelsea council has said she has never visited any of the tower blocks owned by the local authority.

Elizabeth Campbell was asked by BBC's Today programme whether she had ever been to Grenfell Tower before the fire, but only responded "I’m going tomorrow."

When the new council chief was asked again about visiting council-owned high-rise buildings in the borough, she replied: "I haven’t been into the high-rise council blocks before but I am certainly doing that now.

"As I said, most of my experience over the last 11 years in the council has been with families and children's services, with people on the ground.

"The families who I have seen may not have been living in high-rise but they have all been in north Kensington."

Campbell, who officially starts in her role next week, also said that the council can only regain the trust of the public by actions rather than words, according to The Independent.

She also made promises about council housing by saying: "I make this guarantee that we are going to be the first council in London who are going to build more council homes.”

However she did not reveal how much of the council's reserve money she would spend on the new housing.