Grenfell Tower survivor Tiago Alves: 'People must go to prison for this'

Grenfell Tower burst into flames in the middle of June

Grenfell Tower erupted in flames two months ago

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A survivor of the Grenfell Tower said people need to be sent to prison for the tragedy.

Tiago Alves and his family were saved after his father alerted them to the blaze, and his sister even sat a GCSE exam hours after they fled the burning tower.

Speaking to Sam Delaney, he said his family are still in a hotel, but they can't rush into a decision about what to do next as his parents are away.

"It's not perfect but the hotel staff have been absolutely brilliant with us," he said. "The hotel is a place to sleep for the moment, there are so many things to be sorted out, this inquiry for example."

Turning to the specifics of the inquiry, Alves refused to criticise the terms of reference, which were published today.

He said: "We were asked for our opinions and to send in our own personal terms of reference. A lot of them are quite general topics which most residents would have wanted.

"I've been hearing that it's a very, very narrow view on the terms of reference. I don't understand enough about inquiries to know how it could have been dealt with.

"I'm still in the hope things might get sorted out."

However, when pressed by Sam as to what he'd like to see the inquiry address, Alves had some very specific recommendations.

The investigation, he suggested, should ask "could this fire have been averted - that's one of my main concerns. And if so, what could have been done to prevent this fire."

He also wants to see the separate criminal investigation, launched by police, end in convictions and stiff sentences.

"Potentially this criminal investigation will end up getting justice and putting the people who deserve in prison, in prison," he said.

"Eventually, hopefully they do find if someone was responsible, then that person should pay for the crimes they’ve committed."

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