Grenfell Tower survivors allowed to become permanent residents of UK by Home Office

Grenfell Tower survivors allowed to become permanent residents of UK by Home Office

Victims of the fire can become permanent residents of the UK

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Home Office has announced that Grenfell Tower survivors with uncertain immigration status will be allowed to become permanent residents of the UK.

Previously the Government had announced a scheme which would give foreign nationals just a one-year grace period, according to The Guardian.

However ministers were criticised for the move as it was suggested it wasn't enough to help victims of the fire.

Immigration minister Brandon Lewis said: “Our initial response to this terrible tragedy was rightly focused on survivors’ immediate needs in the aftermath of the fire, and ensuring they could access the services they need to start to rebuild their lives.

“However, since the Grenfell Tower immigration policy was announced, we have been planning for the future of those residents affected by these unprecedented events and listening to their feedback, as well as the views of Sir Martin Moore-Bick [who is leading the disaster inquiry].”

But he added that being granted leave to remain indefinitely would still depend on both security and criminal checks as well as the resident having lived legally in the UK for five years.

In order to apply for this residents must do so by November 30.

The Home Office has also announced that relatives of survivors or the dead can stay in the UK for up to six months from whenever they entered the country so that they can support the victims or plan funerals.

Despite the improvement on the original offer, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has claimed this is still not good enough.

She said: “The idea of deporting anyone who has suffered this trauma is simply grotesque. Full rights to indefinite leave to remain should be granted to all survivors who need it.”