Grenfell Tower: 'There should be a criminal inquiry - and Theresa May shouldn't be allowed to shape it'

Grenfell Tower: 'There should be a criminal and public inquiry where Theresa May doesn't dictate terms of reference', says lawyer

Aamer Anwar say those responsible for the fire should be behind bars

Monday, June 19, 2017

There needs to be a public and criminal inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire and Theresa May mustn't be allowed to dictate the terms of reference, according to a human rights lawyer.

The Grenfell Tower fire death toll has risen to 79, however that number could still rise as the search and recovery operation continues.

Lawyer Aamer Anwar told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I was horrified when I watched various government ministers over the last few days try to explain it away.

"I don’t like to call this a tragedy, I’d like to call this a crime," he said. "There does need to be a full-scale criminal inquiry, there needs to be a public inquiry, where Theresa May doesn't dictate the terms of reference - because quite honestly people have lost trust in the Government."

He believes the deregulation of health and safety standards "leads to loss of life", adding that, at Grenfell Tower, it's unclear "who was able to regulate, who was able to go in".

Anwar thinks those affected by this fire would "want those people responsible for this to be put behind bars."

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