Grenfell Tower: 'Theresa May is all talk but no money or performance', says Labour councillor

Grenfell Tower: 'Theresa May is all talk but no money or performance', says Labour councillor

Robert Atkinson hopes the council will be judged in the next elections

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Grenfell Tower fire has shown that Theresa May is all talk, but no "money and no performance," a Labour councillor has said.

Figures obtained by the Press Association show almost £21 million has been spent on temporary accommodation for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. It is thought this amount of money would be enough to build the tower again three times, yet there are still 82 families who have not been placed in a permanent home.

Kensington and Chelsea Labour Councillor Robert Atkinson told George Galloway: "Theresa May is all talk. No money and no performance.

"Theresa May promised that everybody would be housed within three weeks. That’s a rather hollow pledge nine months later.

"She made promises which she was not in a position to make [on Grenfell Tower] and then she has not followed it up to make sure her promises were honoured."

Atkinson also criticised the council which he thinks "was at fault before during and after [the fire] and I do hope that come the May elections they are going to be judged on that.

"Come the crisis they didn’t have the staff to do anything about it" because the council "privatised so many of their services and got rid of experienced officers who knew what to do.

"Only now are they starting to recruit more staff so this is the product of a decade of privatisation and the farming out of services to private companies."

Caller Kira also joined George and claimed the Prime Minister hasn't acted sufficiently following the fire "because it hasn’t been mentioned in the news for a long time.

"She’s got no moral voice inside her that would just sort the problem out."

George responded: "If something's kicking you up the backside then [politicians] have to jump but if nobody’s kicking you up the backside, you jump for the other things that are kicking you up the backside."

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