Grime artist says he was stopped and searched five times at Notting Hill Carnival

Grime artist says he was stopped and searched five times at Notting Hill Carnival

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A grime artist says he was stopped and searched five times at Notting Hill Carnival despite “not doing anything”.

Cally, a grime MC from Essex, attended the carnival, which took place on August 26 and 27, and said he was searched multiple times by police.

“I feel like the stop and searches, all police should be wearing cameras. I feel like they’re getting a bit too much,” he told talkRADIO.

“Literally at Carnival the other day, I was stopped about five times. Half hour after half hour, getting stopped and searched.

“I was like this is ridiculous. I’m not doing anything, I’m getting stopped and searched. I think I went, ‘oh mate just leave me alone’.”


Carnival arrests

Notting Hill Carnival 2018

The number of arrests at Notting Hill Carnival this year was over 370, compared to 313 in 2017.

One man was stabbed, and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, 30 officers were injured in the line of duty, and arrests relating to offensive weapons numbered 69, up from 58 last year.

The Metropolitan Police imposed a Section 60 order on the event which gave them the powers to stop and search people without suspicion.

“They need to sort it out, policing is quite terrible at the moment,” continued Cally.

“When you watch all the videos at the moment of police brutality, what is being done?

“They need more cameras in London, those sort of policies are the ones I think they should push forward to.”


Stop and search 'disproportionately affects young black men'

In response to calls from Iain Duncan Smith earlier this week for stop and search to be increased, Labour MP Diane Abbot tweeted: "Random stop and search disproportionately affects Black men and will only further strain police and community relations."

In April, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the BBC: “When stop-and-search is used properly, it's an invaluable tool to the police, and we want more targeted, intelligence-led stop and search.

“The game changer as far as London should be concerned, is we’ve had the biggest roll out in the world of body-worn cameras.

“The advantage for members of the public is that they should be confident the police officer is recording the interaction…

“I want police officers to be confident they’ve got the tools in their toolkit to stop and search someone they have reasonable suspicion is about to commit a criminal offence or suspect is about to commit a criminal offence.”


Police cuts

However he also said in June that London was hit hardest by police cuts after figures revealed that the number of officers per 1000 people had fallen to 3.3, down from 4.1 in 2010.

“The level of knife crime across our country, including London, is simply unacceptable,” he said at the time.

​​​​​​​“We’re doing everything we can, in City Hall, to tackle this scourge. The figures released show the true scale of government cuts to police funding that have hit our city harder than anywhere else in the UK. I make no apologies for relentlessly pushing the government to understand that cuts have consequences and that our police service desperately need more funding right now.”

Figures show that violent crime has risen 16% in London this year, and Scotland Yard launched its 100th murder investigation in the capital days ago.

The Metropolitan Police said: “ 'We don't comment on individual cases. There was a Section 60 order in place at Notting Hill Carnival that allowed officers to stop and search in a specified area during a specified period of time”.