Grindr murder: Breaking Bad fan Stefano Brizzi 'cooked and ate his victim before acid bath'

Grindr murder: Court hears Breaking Bad fan Stefano Brizzi cooked and ate his victim

The Old Bailey (Getty)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Breaking Bad-obsessed Stefano Brizzi, who is accused of murdering a policeman, cooked his victim and ate part of his leg, a court was told.

The Old Bailey also heard he may also have eaten some of his ribs.

Brizzi, who previously worked as a web developer for Morgan Stanley, is accused of killing officer Gordon Semple after organising a drug-fuelled sex session with him.

Some of his remains were found dissolving in a bath of acid. A foot was found near the bank of the Thames and other body parts were discovered near bins at Brizzi's home in Bermondsey.

Other body parts were also found in Brizzi's flat. 

However, prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said most of Semple's internal organs have not been found.

Prosecutors revealed the victim's DNA was found in the oven and on a chopping board, a blender, a pair of scissors and a silver cooking pot at the flat.

Brizzi claims the man died in a sex game, which went wrong after being asked to be put on a leash.

He has denied murder but has pleaded guilty to obstructing a coroner.