Grindr murder: Satanist Stefano Brizzi guilty of murdering Gordon Semple and boiling him in acid

Stefano Brizzi is found guilty of murdering police officer Gordon Semple

Stefano Brizzi has been found guilty

Monday, November 14, 2016

Stefano Brizzi, the man who murdered a police officer before boiling parts of his body in a bath of acid, has been found guilty and is facing life imprisonment.

The Breaking Bad fan was high on crystal meth when he strangled PC Gordon Semple, after he had invited him to his flat for a bondage and chemsex party.

He then used saws to cut up Semple's body, leaving some of it in the Thames and some in communal bins.

Brizzi tried to dissolve the rest of the body in a bath of acid, and it is likely he tried to eat some of it, the Old Bailey heard.

Police had first been called to Brizzi's flat when neighbours complained of a revolting smell, and the man was caught wearing speedo-style pants and aviator sunglasses, holding body parts in buckets and bin liners.

He also had a copy of the Satanic bible, with messages written inside saying "Satan I call you forth."

It is claimed Brizzi showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC has asked for further evidence on a bite mark on the victim's body before he passes sentence.