'Grossly offensive' - James Max and Carole Malone in furious argument with Lord Adonis over Brexit

'Grossly offensive' - James Max and Carole Malone in heated argument with Lord Adonis over Brexit

Lord Adonis says Brexit is a mistake

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

James Max and Carole Malone had a heated debate with Lord Adonis over Brexit this morning, with Carole slamming him as "grossly offensive" and "hysterical."

Adonis has resigned from his position as chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, in protest at Theresa May's handling of Brexit.

Carole asked Adonis about a comment he previously made, describing Brexit as the biggest step Britain has taken since appeasement and decolonisation. She described that comment as "hysterical."

But Adonis hit back by saying his comment meant Brexit would be "a mistake for the country, it was on a par with it." Carole claimed "that's grossly offensive to the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU."

Adonis said that, when the EU referendum took place "people had very different understandings of what Brexit meant" and some of those who voted to leave believed Britain should stay in the single market.

Carole argued "that is simply not true... people who voted leave knew perfectly well what leaving meant." She even asked Adonis if he thinks he's cleverer than the British public.

Hitting back, Adonis said that "we don’t give up our democratic rights just because we’ve had one vote" and as Brexit terms become clear, "the people should have the final say themselves."

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