Guam residents terrified of North Korea threat: 'The leader killed his family, what'll he do to us?'

North Korea says a plan to launch missiles at Guam will be ready in a matter of days

North Korea has threatened to launch a series of rockets at Guam

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Residents of Guam have been describing their terror at the prospect of an attack by North Korea, after Pyongyang threatened to launch a series of missiles at the tiny Pacific island.

North Korea has said a plan to launch four missiles at Guam, a US territory and site of a major airbase, will be ready in a matter of days, responding to hawkish rhetoric from US President Donald Trump.

The island's governor Eddie Calvo told reporters "this is not the time to panic," adding that he has received "assurances at all levels" that Guam will be defended.

However this has failed to reassure residents, many of whom have spoken to local media about their fears. 

Rudy Matanane, mayor of the village of Yigo, which houses the Andersen air base, told Pacific Daily News: “It’s kind of scary, because we don't know what this guy is capable of. I hope our mother country does what’s right for us.

"This guy, I don’t think he cares. He’s killed his family, so what [about] us, who he doesn’t even know?”

Astright Villagomez, resident of the village of Mangilao, echoed these fears by saying "it's scary. I just hope the military can protect us."

Another resident of Mangilao, Justin Andre, told the Guam Daily Post he had family members serving in the US military, adding "It was obviously quite scary because this is where my family mostly is. This is where I am raising my family.

 "We are a target. This is very scary."

The paper also spoke to a young mother called Marissa Tigil, who said: "Our lives are at stake. I have a daughter.

"What if they're just bluffing at first and when we put our guard down, then that's when they really hit us?"