Guido Fawkes blogger plays down Theresa May challenge: 'It'd be like Turkeys voting for Christmas'

'The Tories don't want a leadership election as it would be a Brexit fight', says Guido Fawkes blogger

Theresa May is to ask for the support of other parties

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Tories don't want a leadership election as it would be akin to "turkeys voting for Christmas", according to Guido Fawkes blogger Paul Staines.

Prime Minister Theresa May remains mired in crisis, and her latest plea for cross-party support on Brexit has prompted renewed calls for her replacement.

But Staines says the Tories have been through enough "trauma" in recent weeks, and, given they're behind in the polls, it is a bad time to force the leader out.

Thus, Staines says, "there's no appetite in the Cabinet from any of the front runners" and everyone wants to keep May "in place until the Brexit process is completed which is 2019.

He also thinks a leadership election would "be a re-fight of the European question again" because there "would be a hard Brexiteer, there would be a remain candidate.

"That would not be good because that would show up everyone divided."

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