Guns, catfights and flying chairs - the world's craziest political debates

Korea lunch bill, Alabama sucker-punch, and the live TV gun debacle - top five political fights of all time

As Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn gear up for their epic clash, we look at other political fights which have taken place across the globe

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are set for an almighty race with the upcoming by-election in June. 

The two have had their fair share of disagreements, but this battle for election could be a testing time for both. 

So what happens when politicians lose their cool? 

Find out here: 

1. South Korean politicans fight over lunch bill 

An unusual thing to fight over, lunches. But the discussion over a bill to pass out free lunches in schools saw the South Korean National Assembly erupt into chaos. 

There were people pushing, shoving, throttling each other with their ties, stomping, beating each other with their phones, you name it. 

Eventually the assembly was forced to flood out of the building, ending the fight.

2. When they say a political punch, this is probably NOT what they mean. 

They say you need to hammer your opponent sometimes, but that's probably meant to be a metaphorical reference. 

In the Alabama state senate, a dispute between a member of the minority Republican group and the majority Democratic group in 2007 got violent.

Charles Bishop, clearly not liking the attitude his opponent Lowell Barron was taking, socked him in the face with an almighty sucker punch, before he was restrained by his fellow senators.

You know what they say - sometimes you just need to get straight to the point.

3. One of the strangest catfights of all time.

We return to South Korea with this little video. They certainly like a televised fight, don't they?

A bill to ease up on media restrictions resulting in a heavy clash in the assembly building in 2009. The opposition feared the ruling party would use it to gain more sympathetic media coverage.

Amid the chaos, the camera focused on two women embroiled in a vicious catfight. After the bill was passed, opposition then proceed to stack furniture against the doors to block people from trying to enter the assembly building. 

All, of course, on live television.

4. To throw a chair or to not throw a chair. That is the question 


When someone calls you fat, naturally the reaction is to be angry and upset. But this man in America took it one step farther. 

On this political debate show, in the throes of a heated argument, a political pundit walked off the set after his opponent insulted his weight. 

About 15 seconds later, a chair gets flung into the frame, hitting the man who insulted him quite hard. 

5. The live TV gun debacle

When you disagree with someone, we've already established some people go to great lengths to make sure their opinions are known. 

But by pulling a gun on live TV, this guy probably took it a step (or a kilometre) too far. 

When Jordanian politician Mohammed Shawabka was faced with a political activist who criticised him in 2012, he lost control. 

He accused him of being a spy for Bashar al-Assad, threw his shoe at him...and then pulled a gun on him. All live on TV. 

The audio was quickly cut out, but the host is seen frantically trying to interpose himself between the two men and break up the dispute. 

We've heard of 'jumping the gun' before, but we don't think it was meant to be interpreted like this.