'Hacking is just the 21st century version of spying' says Trump transition team member

'Hacking is just the modern day version of spying', says Republicans Overseas - unfinished

Russia allegedly interfered with the US Presidential election

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hacking is just the modern-day version of spying and without it we wouldn't be informed about our allies and non-allies, says a member of Donald Trump's transition team. 

Today Mr Trump will be briefed on allegations that Russia may have interfered in the US Presidential election. However the President-elect has expressed doubt over these claims and Russia has denied hacking.

Jan Halper-Hayes, a member of Republicans Overseas, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that there has always been spying, and "hacking is just the modern-day version."

She added that it's just how we find out "what’s going on with our allies and with our non-allies."

However, she says it is disappointing that "we have not done anything" to improve our security.

Halper-Hayes also believes that if Mr Trump gets things wrong during his presidency, then he will have no problem "coming out and communicating that to the public."

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