Hamas reopens sections of Gaza border after assassination of leader Mazen Faqha

Hamas reopen sections of Gaza border after assassination of leader

Some of the Erez border crossing has been reopened

Monday, March 27, 2017

Some sections of Gaza's border were opened again today (March 27), after a member of ruling group Hamas was assassinated.

Mazen Faqha was killed on Friday (March 24), resulting in the Erez crossing being completely closed on Sunday (March 26), according to Alaraby.

The crossing is the only one for people between Gaza and Israel. However Hamas allowed a separate border, used for goods, to remain open. 

Now Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has partially reopened the Erez crossing, but it is not allowing males aged between 15 and 45 to leave the Palestinian territory, apart from politicians, the sick and the relatives of prisoners. 

Faqha formed Hamas' military wing in the West Bank cities of Tubas and Jenin. The group, which is proscribed as a terrorist organisation in several countries, has blamed Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and its "collaborators" for the death of the leader.

Since the assassination of Faqha, Israel has been on high alert and Hamas is said to be attempting to prevent whoever was responsible for the killing from leaving.

Hamas supporters have also taken to the streets chanting "death to Israel" and "revenge," over the killing. The procession was led by Yahya Sinwar, who has taken over from Faqha, and former leader Ismail Haniya.