Hammersmith family could face eviction from home due to noise complaints about crying baby

Family could face eviction from home due to noise complaints about crying baby

Some have complained about hearing crying (Stock image)

Friday, November 17, 2017

A family renting a flat in London have been informed they may be evicted due to noise complaints about their crying baby.

The company managing the top-floor flat in a converted house in Hammersmith warned they would get "two weeks' notice to vacate" if noise continues.

The firm claimed it is receiving complaints "on a daily basis" from other tenants about the children and "other noise nuisance," according to the BBC.

Attila and Ildiko Wurth, who have a three-year-old and a 15-month-old baby, have slammed the threat as "horrible discrimination" against families with children.

Emails sent to the family about the matter, called "heartless and harsh" by Attila Wurth, have told them "please ensure to keep all movement and noise to a minimum."

The family asked for help and claim they were told to contact a housing helpline but the couple have alleged this is constantly engaged.

Instead they looked for support on social media, and posted a message saying "we felt so scared. We didn't know what happens next. Will we come home and find our things in the road?"

Shelter, a housing charity, claims being a "nuisance" to neighbours could be grounds for eviction. However in this case a court would have to rule over whether grounds provided were reasonable.

Sheraton Management Ltd has said: "Reluctantly, as there was no remission in the problem, it was on this basis that we advised Mrs Wurth that we may be left with no alternative but to serve a notice for possession."

The family is now waiting to hear from the company on what their next decision will be.