'Hangover-free' alcohol could be hitting our boozers soon

'Hangover free' Alcosynth is being tested for use

A new drink has been created which could be hangover-free (Getty)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A synthetic form of alcohol which is believed to be hangover-proof is being tested for widespread use.

Alcosynth was created by neuroscientist David Nutt, with the primary intention of saving lives. Nutt says Alcosynth doesn't produce the toxin acetaldehyde - which can cause tissue damage - whereas conventional alcohol does.

Alongside this primary benefit, however, there may be another advantage to Alcosynth - as acetaldehyde is thought to be the toxin responsible for hangovers.

Happily for Britain's drinkers, Nutt claims Alcosynth would still have the same relaxed or slightly euphoric feelings of alcohol.

It is not currently available to consumers, but people should be careful if and when it does become available, as the full health effects are not yet known.