Harry Redknapp on knife crime: 'To stab someone is beyond comprehension for me'

Harry Redknapp

Monday, February 4, 2019

Former football manager Harry Redknapp has announced he is willing to visit schools, youth prisons and youth clubs in a bid to tackle knife crime.

Appearing on the Alexis Conran show, the pundit said he wants to help "in any small way" he can by joining forces with the Kiyan Prince Foundation, a charity set up by ex-boxer Mark Prince in 2006, after his 15-year-old son was killed in a knife attack.

"Carrying a knife is not the thing to do. They're going to ruin the lives of their parents, they'll get put in prison... don't carry a knife," Redknapp said.



"I'm just going to help in any way I can especially with fundraising. I'm going to go to lots of people I know who can help to put some money into getting better facilities for the kids youth clubs. Let's get them off the streets, let's talk to them and let's educate some of the parents as well."

Redknapp was approached by charity founder, Mark Prince, who asked him to "get involved" with the visits.

"He asked me to get involved with him and I said I'd absolutely love that. Any time you need me whether we're going to prisons or youth clubs," he explained.

Redknapp, who is currently reigning King of the Jungle after winning ITV's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2018, said that it was important to find out why young people were turning to knife crime.


'What makes kids want to do it?'

Police confiscate a knife at London's Notting Hill Carnival. Image: Getty

"To stab someone is beyond comprehension for me. How do you do something like that? What makes kids want to do it? We've got to find out what drives them to being so violent," he explained.

He added that "gangster stuff" on television and violent music could be a potential factor in the rise in violence, particularly on London's streets.

"Years ago if there was a real grievance and someone had a punch up they would have a fight with their fists. This nonsense now, stabbing people, I can't understand it at all."