Harry Winks 'grass' Nikhil Shah quits Twitter after being bombarded with abuse over photo with Tottenham Hotspur star

Nikhil Shah has been savaged over this picture

Nikhil Shah posted this picture with Harry Winks over the weekend (Twitter)

Monday, November 13, 2017

The man who posted a photo of Tottenham footballer Harry Winks in a nightclub over the weekend has left Twitter after being inundated with abuse.

Nikhil Shah posted a picture with Winks, apparently taken in the Przym nightclub in Watford. The message was directed to The Sun, and subsequently went viral.

Shah was branded a "grass" by critics, who also said he was ungrateful for demanding a picture with Winks and then encouraging its publication in a national newspaper.

Some of the messages were even more unsavoury, with one respondent branding Shah a "Bombay potato."

Shah's Twitter account has now been deleted, although the picture remains available on other accounts.

Winks has also been criticised for having a night out while he is missing from the England squad with injury. However opinion appears split on this issue with many fans pointing out there is no evidence the Spurs midfielder was drunk.

Winks has emerged as one of the most promising players in the English game, and has become a regular in the Spurs team this season.