Haulage expert: No-deal Brexit warnings are not 'Project Fear' - they're 'Project Reality'


Lorries parked in Dover. Image: Getty

Friday, January 4, 2019

The managing director of the Road Haulage Association has warned that the UK's supply chain "will break" if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Rod McKenzie appeared on the James Whale show to discuss the impact of Brexit on road haulage, and warned that a no-deal would result in "lots of hauliers with nothing to do".



"Ninety-eight per cent of everything we have, including the stuff in the shops, the stuff we get from factories to make things and all the other lovely stuff will get stranded somewhere else, and our supply chain will break," he told James Whale and co-host Ash.

"We've been telling politicians this for some time, not in the sense of being doom-mongers, or Project Fear or anything like that. I call it Project Reality."

Mr McKenzie claimed that lorries may lose their community licenses - used to travel to and from the continent - and would instead be forced to apply for an ECMT permit.


'Not many people understand complexities of the UK supply chain'

"There are only 1,200 of them in the world. There are 40,000 trucks that need one," he said.

"We would [print more] if we were in control of them, but the permits come not from the EU, but from another organisation in Switzerland, and unless we have a deal of some sort, or a transition period which would be very handy, we will have this massive problem."

He added: "My view is that not many people understand about the complexitiites of the UK supply chain. When it breaks, that's the only time people notice it.